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The author, Gregory J. Pulles, has synthesized more than five hundred books written in Latin, Italian and English. He meticulously did the writing research and photography of the books offered to you here. His purpose is to document what stands today for future generations and guide you through what are arguably the sixty most important Churches in Rome. Pulles is a passionate student of history, photographer and teacher. He hopes his efforts help you recognize and appreciate the stories and images of the places and achievements that have inspired him and influenced all of modern civilization. Bob Conroy, Pulles' photography mentor, contributor and production expert has utilized the best design, print, bindery and distribution resources available to make certain these rare and beautiful books are available for YOU! Together, Pulles and Conroy have assembled these resources and this site- so enjoy!

Sacred Places currently offers two books written and photographed by historian and photographer, Gregory J. Pulles. These contain hundreds of detailed photographs of the magnificent sculptures, elegant mosaics, breathtaking paintings, sublime architecture and sacred artifacts and relics. Each of these rare books include page after page of stories and images that guide the reader to the heart of Italy. They are invaluable and practical resources that will fuel your imagination, prepare you for a visit or rouse your memory of past visits for fruitful reflection and inspiration.

No other city on Earth bears a more influential or a more regal history than does Rome. Nor is there another whose hills are adorned with greater or more sacred treasures than are Rome's hills. Whether a native Italian or one of the millions of visitors who wanders awestruck up and down the streets and through the doorways of the eternal city, it is impossible to recognize, identify and appreciate the millennia of events that have shaped the world's events or inspired more love. That's why we hope you visit this site and value the books we've put together for you. It's no wonder that Rome's sights, sounds, smells and smiles continue to captivate the world?